The Restructuration

Improving daily life

Because an exit from Capitalism is now possible
What Is The Restructuration?
The Restructuration is a group of urban projects designed to improve our daily lives. Conceived and developed by Iviri, a fashion House in the city of Florence in Italy, these projects will transform cities as we know them by reforming four key sectors.
Think of the Restructuration like a second Renaissance.
How Does The Restructuration Work?
Funded by Iviri, the Restructuration will focus on making basic human rights as sustainable, affordable and accessible as possible. Although each project will be managed by a specific team put together by Iviri, anyone will be able to participate online, including you!
Technology to the benefit of everyone.
Why Do We Need A Restructuration?
At Iviri we believe it is ridiculous that in a society as advanced as ours we should still be paying for basic human rights like food and water. We think it’s past time we put technology at the service of people instead of profit. Imagine a society where you didn’t have to pay for food or water, where public transportation was free and comfortable, and almost everything you needed at home could be made from a 3D printer!
Universalizing basic human rights