To pave the way for a better world

Why Do We Have Criteria?
The Restructuration’s goal is to provide everyone with basic human rights so we can be free to pursue our dreams. To reach that goal, we came up with a set of clear criteria to organize and guide all the projects we invest in.
Guidelines that increase our effectiveness.
How Will We Meet Our Criteria?
We’ll progressively meet the criteria we laid out for our projects by investing in promising technologies, minimizing human labor and being as self-sufficient as possible.
Technology at the service of people.
What Is Our Criteria?
The criteria we’ll base our projects on are simple. First, how to provide basic human rights indefinitely so future generations can enjoy them. Then, how to make them affordable to everyone with the goal of ultimately making them free. And, finally, how to make them within walking distance so everyone has access to them.
The foundations of a just society.