Giving future generations a chance

Why Will We Make Basic Human Rights Sustainable?
Basic human rights can only be universally guaranteed if they’re sustainable. As long as they continue to be unsustainable, we will continue to threaten the chance for future generations to enjoy them. At Iviri we believe basic human rights should be sustainable so future generations can enjoy the same opportunities we do.
Because basic human rights are atemporal.
How Will We Make Basic Human Rights Sustainable?
At Iviri we believe the best way to make basic human rights sustainable is by using recycled materials and relying on clean energy. That’s why we’ll develop urban farms, public modes of transport and 3D printers that are all self-sufficient.
Everything you need indefinitely.
What Is Sustainability?
Sustainability is the ability to maintain something forever. By that definition, most aspects of our society are unsustainable because they use more resources than nature can replenish.
Basic human rights that are timeless.