Public Transportation

Imagine a city with no traffic

Why Will We Develop Public Transportation?
Cities can only accommodate so many cars before driving and parking become a nightmare. As a consequence, when the costs of transportation outweigh the benefits we go out less, experience less and ultimately live poorer lives. Up until now, public transportation has focused mainly on cutting costs. The result is infrequent trams, overcrowded and smelly buses that often run late and an experience that is anything but pleasant. At Iviri we believe public transportation should not only be effective, but convenient and enjoyable.
Because public transportation only benefits the community if it serves the individual.
How Will We Develop Public Transportation?
The best way people will accept change is to gradually implement it step-by-step. That way, not only is it less costly, but we can learn from experience and feedback. Because of that, we’ll focus on one mode of transport at a time for public transportation.
Start simple and keep it simple.
Shared Bicycles
The first step in public transportation is shared bicycles. Why? Because they’re simple, easy to make and fun to ride! Up until now, most shared bicycle programs have focused on security, resulting in bicycles that are clunky and uncomfortable to use. At Iviri we believe it’s possible to make a shared bike that’s not only sustainable and efficient, but ultimately sexy. Imagine a shared fixie entirely 3D printed. Now that’s sexy!
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Shared Scooters
After bicycles, the next step is shared scooters. Why? Because, like bicycles, they’re easy to make, don’t take up a lot of space and are simply fun to ride! To be as sustainable as possible, our shared scooters will run on clean energy and be entirely made from recycled materials.
Companies we'd like to work with:
Saturna green system
Shared Cars
Shared cars are the most popular mode of shared transportation. However, because they have to share the roads with other cars, their potential benefits are limited. At Iviri we believe shared cars will eventually replace all privately owned cars, thereby greatly increasing their convenience, reducing traffic and liberating space for urban gardens. To be as sustainable as possible, our shared cars will be entirely 3D printed and run on clean energy. They’ll also be able to accommodate five people so you and your family can all fit in!
Companies we'd like to work with:
Local motors
Adduma car
While shared cars will improve transportation, they won’t be enough to completely reduce traffic and make cities more pedestrian-friendly. At Iviri we believe trams are the most efficient and sustainable way to travel from one side of a city to the other. By developing tram lines on all major city streets, we believe we can not only do without buses, but provide an enjoyable experience that’s both comfortable and convenient!
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Priestman goode
Maglev Trains
Relying on magnetic levitation to move, maglev trains are not only faster than high speed trains, but silent. The result is a swift and smooth ride in between cities. At Iviri we believe the next step in maglev trains is to reduce costs by making them almost entirely 3D printed and as sustainable as possible. That way, we could then increase their frequency so that instead of departing or arriving every hour, for example, they would do so every fifteen minutes. No more fretting about losing your train!
Companies we'd like to work with:
Priestman goode
Vtol Planes
The last step in public transportation is VTOL planes. Although flying has never been cheaper, the long commutes, heavy security and long waiting lines hardly make it worth the extra money saved. At Iviri we believe VTOL planes can solve these problems by landing and taking off vertically and making almost no noise. Imagine mini airports on the fringes of cities that are well-connected to tram lines and shared cars.
Companies we'd like to work with:
Joby aviation