Investment Strategy

For promising projects

Why Will We Invest In Projects?
It’s very difficult to motivate people if they’re not paid or don’t feel empowered. That’s why we’ll actively invest in our projects so those involved can financially support themselves and feel valued.
Because we believe in them.
How Will We Invest In Projects?
The more a project improves our quality of life, the more we’ll invest in it. During a project’s initial research phase, we’ll provide its team with ideas and time. Then, once we’ve agreed on a plan of action and estimated budget, we’ll begin financing it to pay for the costs of the materials and the salaries of the people involved in it.
Based on utility.
What Projects Will We Invest In?
We’ll invest almost exclusively in projects that fall in the four key sectors we’ve outlined. Projects that reform either one of those four key sectors will be entirely managed and funded by us. Then, projects that impact either one of them will be partly funded by us. Finally, projects that just embody the Restructuration’s values will be promoted by us.
Projects that improve our daily lives.