Public Involvement

We need all the help we can get

Why Should I Get Involved?
Like any social movement, the Restructuration relies on public support to grow. The more people back it, the faster it can grow and the more likely it will impact your life positively. Not only that, but different people bring different ideas. You might have an idea that no one else has thought of, so let us know!
Be part of something larger than yourself and make history!
How Can I Get Involved?
There are several ways you can participate in the Restructuration. First, if you just want to do the bare minimum, all you need to do is buy Iviri’s products. How is that helping? Because Iviri will then invest most of its profits in the Restructuration. Plus, you’ll get a super sexy product you can then use in your everyday life and promote Iviri with! If you want to do more, you can help by sending us creative ideas and valuable feedback. We’re always looking for new ways to improve, so don’t hesitate! Finally, if you have the means, come and visit us in Florence and learn all about Iviri and the Restructuration firsthand! You won’t forget the experience, we assure you!
Buy, comment and experience.