Everything you need within reach

Why Will We Make Basic Human Rights Accessible?
Basic human rights can only be universally guaranteed if they are accessible. As long as they continue to be inaccessible to some, people will continue to be deprived of them. At Iviri we believe basic human rights should be accessible to everyone so everyone can enjoy them.
Because basic human rights are apolitical.
How Will We Make Basic Human Rights Accessible?
At Iviri we believe the best way to make basic human rights accessible to everyone is by putting them within easy reach. That’s why we’ll develop urban farms and public modes of transport that are all within walking distance and housing goods that are produced right at home.
Everything you need at your disposal.
What Is Accessibility?
Accessibility is the ability to access something. By that definition, most aspects of our society are inaccessible because of their distance.
Basic human rights that are available to all.