Local Support

For local projects

Why Should I Support You Locally?
The Restructuration is about changing society on a local level that can then be applied globally. That means that if you live in Florence, where Iviri is based, the Restructuration will directly benefit your life through added tourism, increased job opportunities and a better quality of life. However, to do so, we’ll need your support, whether you’re a local resident, the owner of a local business or part of the local government.
Because no city can reinvent itself without its government.
How Can I Support You Locally?
There are several ways you can support us locally. If you currently live in Florence, attend one of our public workshops so you can learn more about the Restructuration and participate in our projects. If you’re the owner of a local business, attend one of our business workshops so we can help you improve your business and promote the Restructuration. Finally, if you work in Florence’s government, help us by sharing the data you collect and passing helpful legislation like access to public spaces, carbon-free zones and international travel-work programs, just to name a few.
Show them it’s in their interest.