Key Sectors

Imagine a city with everything you need at no cost

Why Will We Reform Four Key Sectors?
Every city faces the same challenge: how to provide basic needs to its residents. However, in an effort to reduce their debts, many cities have focused on privatizing their services. The result is poorer services at often higher prices. At Iviri we believe the best way to provide basic needs to everyone is by reforming four key sectors that affect our daily lives.
A city of the people, by the people, for the people.
How Will We Reform Four Key Sectors?
The best way people will accept change is to gradually implement it step-by-step. That way, not only is it less costly, but we can learn from experience and feedback. Because of that, we’ll focus on reforming each key sector one stage at a time.
Start simple and keep it simple.
What Four Key Sectors Will We Reform?
The four sectors we’ll reform each cover key aspects of our daily lives which future cities will be based upon.
The foundations of daily urban life.