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When Will We Proceed?
We’ll proceed with the Restructuration as soon as we have the funds. Depending on how much we raise in our crowdfunding campaign, we’ll start proceeding with the Restructuration either by the end of our second year or before.
The more we raise, the quicker we can start.
Where Will We Proceed?
Since Iviri is based in the city of Florence, Italy, the Restructuration will naturally take place there. Why? Because Florence is a relatively small city, has many fashion factories on its outskirts, is an important tourist destination and was the historic birthplace of the Renaissance.
Florence, city of the Renaissance and now the Restructuration.
How Will We Proceed?
At first, we’ll simply hold workshops and visit schools to discuss the Restructuration and find out who’s interested in participating. Those who are will then choose a project of their liking and form teams. Once a team is put together, its members will research their subject and come up with a plan of action and estimated budget. If we approve the project, we’ll start financing it, at which point its members will begin working with the leading companies in its sector. To keep everyone informed, we’ll regularly update everything online and make each project open-source once done.
The foundations of success.