Of passionate people

Why Will We Put Together Teams?
Because the Restructuration is about inviting people to find purpose and passion in improving their lives, we’ll put together teams to help us carry it out. That way, we can concentrate on making and selling fashion products to fund these teams and they can devote themselves entirely to their respective projects.
Because the Restructuration is about unleashing people’s potential.
How Will We Put Together Teams?
To reach out to people, we’ll visit schools and hold workshops where people will have the chance to choose one of our available projects. We’ll make sure each team includes members of both sexes as well as at least one person with experience in that sector.
Combining passion with expertise.
What Are Our Teams?
Each of our teams will be composed of different members. Full-time members will carry out each project and be paid to do so. Part-time members (usually volunteers) will be brought on whenever needed to help with simple tasks or specific tasks full-time members can’t do on their own. And representatives of the companies each project will partner with will advise full-time and part-time members on how to proceed.
People interested in improving the way we live.