Clean Drinking Water

Imagine if we no longer had water problems

Why Is Clean Drinking Water A Basic Human Right?
Clean drinking water is necessary for our survival. However, the commodification of water has led to its widespread contamination, oceans of plastic waste and water supplies that are dwindling worldwide. At Iviri we believe everyone should have the right to clean drinking water. Not only is it good for our health, but, when properly managed, fun as well!
Because clean drinking water is necessary for a good life.
How Will We Provide Everyone With Clean Drinking Water?
At Iviri we believe the best way to provide everyone with clean drinking water is by reducing inefficiencies, recycling used water and collecting and storing rainwater. To be as clean and healthy as possible, the water we collect will be filtered naturally and enriched with minerals.
Water collected like nature does.
What Is Clean Drinking Water?
Clean drinking water is water that’s safe to drink and prepare food with. By that definition, many of our water supplies don’t qualify as clean drinking water because they’re contaminated.
A reflection of ourselves.