Urban Planning

Imagine a pedestrian-friendly city in harmony with nature

Why Will We Develop Urban Planning?
When you think of it, most of our cities are really ugly. They’re full of concrete, dirty and unfriendly to tourists and pedestrians. As a consequence, we walk less, are more stressed and ultimately live poorer lives. Up until now, urban planning has focused mainly on business. The result is cities filled with beautiful buildings, but inadequate public services and spaces and a lifestyle that’s anything but pleasant. At Iviri we believe cities should not only be beautiful, but healthy and fun to live in.
Because a good city is essential for a good life.
How Will We Develop Urban Planning?
The best way people will accept change is to gradually implement it step-by-step. That way, not only is it less costly, but we can learn from experience and feedback. Because of that, we’ll focus on one neighborhood at a time for urban planning.
Start simple and keep it simple.
Water Management
The first step in urban planning is water management. Why? Because we can’t live without water! Too often our water supplies are mismanaged, leading to contamination and water shortages and forcing us to rely on bottled water. At Iviri we believe water should not only be sustainably collected and stored, but publicly available everywhere. Imagine a city filled with drinking fountains!
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Symbiotic Urbanism
Symbiotic urbanism is cultivating nature on a street level instead of confining it to parks and gardens. At Iviri we believe everyone should be able to enjoy nature without having to go out of their way. By growing plants and trees on every street, not only will we make our cities less polluted and hot, but more beautiful and healthy.
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Although more people travel than ever, most of us experience shallow and generic imitations of local traditions when we go abroad. At Iviri we believe people want an authentic experience. Why else are you traveling? That’s why we’ll promote and support only local businesses that offer genuine local traditions so you can discover the best that Florence has to offer!
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The last step in urban planning is infrastructure. Due to cutbacks in public spending and pollution, our infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating. At Iviri we believe drones and 3D printed machines can better monitor and maintain infrastructure. See a pothole? Take a picture on your smartphone with an app we’ll develop and a drone will automatically come repair it!
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