Efficient Housing

Imagine never needing something again for your home

Why Is Efficient Housing A Basic Human Right?
Efficient housing is necessary for our wellbeing. However, the commodification of housing has led to rising real estate prices, wasteful construction sprees and a housing system that is anything but sustainable, let alone healthy. At Iviri we believe everyone should have the right to efficient housing. Not only does it protect us from nature, it also makes our life easier!
Because efficient housing is necessary for a good life.
How Will We Provide Everyone With Efficient Housing?
At Iviri we believe the best way to provide everyone with efficient housing is by developing 3D printers that first improve our homes then actually build them. To be as efficient and sustainable as possible, our 3D printers will be designed to fit in your house and made from recycled materials.
3D printers for the home at home.
What Is Efficient Housing?
Efficient housing is housing that improves our wellbeing in a sustainable way. By that definition, most of our homes don’t qualify as efficient housing because they’re not only unsustainable, but often make you sick.
Housing that attends your every need