Healthy Food

Imagine if almost everyone was healthy

Why Is Healthy Food A Basic Human Right?
Healthy food is necessary for our development. However, the commodification of food has led to the preference of cash crops, enormous food waste and an agriculture system that is anything but sustainable, let alone healthy. At Iviri we believe everyone should have the right to healthy food. Not only does it bring us together, it also reduces disease so you can better enjoy life!
Because healthy food is necessary for a good life.
How Will We Provide Everyone With Healthy Food?
At Iviri we believe the best way to provide everyone with healthy food is by building urban farms on vacant urban spaces like rooftops, basements and abandoned buildings. To be as healthy and sustainable as possible, our farms will provide food that is organic, local, fresh and tasty.
Farms that cut down concrete instead of forests.
What Is Healthy Food?
Healthy food is anything edible that improves your health. By that definition, most of what we find in supermarkets doesn’t qualify as healthy food because it not only doesn’t improve your health, but often makes you sick.
A taste of the good life.