Good Education

Imagine if everyone was educated

Why Is Good Education A Basic Human Right?
Good education is what improves the world. However, the commodification of education has led to its rising cost, widespread student debt and poor performance. At Iviri we believe everyone should have the right to good education. Not only is it inspiring and interactive, but constructive so you can better enjoy life!
Because good education is necessary for a good life.
How Will We Provide Everyone With Good Education?
At Iviri we believe the best way to provide everyone with good education is by creating exciting environments that encourage curiosity, critical thinking and cooperation. To be as useful and interesting as possible, we’ll educate people on a vast range of different topics, but in a way that directly relates to them so they can then apply what they learn in their own lives.
Knowledge that’s applicable.
What Is Good Education?
Good education is anything you use to improve your life with. By that definition, much of our educational system doesn’t qualify as good education because it doesn’t help students unlock their inner potential.
The means to a better life.