Instant Internet

Imagine never having to wait to download something again

Why Is Instant Internet A Basic Human Right?
In a world as connected as ours, the internet has become necessary for daily life. However, the commodification of the internet has led to poor service, excessive ads and a system that’s anything but transparent. At Iviri we believe everyone should have the right to instant internet. Not only does it improve communication, it also makes our life easier!
Because instant internet is necessary for a good life
How Will We Provide Everyone With Instant Internet?
At Iviri we believe the best way to provide everyone with instant internet is by building super Wi-Fi networks. To be as sustainable and efficient as possible, our Wi-Fi networks will be made from recycled materials and arranged so you have internet wherever you are.
Signals as strong and common as buildings.
What Is Instant Internet?
Instant internet is an internet connection without download waiting time. By that definition, almost all our internet connections don’t qualify as instant internet because they not only make us wait, but sometimes outright fail us.
Internet so effective it’s invisible.