Public Awareness

Because knowledge empowers

Why Should I Care About The Restructuration?
As technology continues to replace humans, more and more people will find themselves without jobs. Eventually, if you’re not already, you will become one of these people. The question, then, is what do we do about it? How will everyone who’s lost a job feed themselves, afford housing, be able to get around? At Iviri we believe society is in a transition, that we are moving from a global system based on profit to one based on progress. To ensure a smooth transition, we developed the Restructuration so people would no longer need a job to have the right to basic human rights. Because everything we do will be available online, not only can anyone participate in it, but you can then bring the Restructuration to your own hometown!
Because what happens in Florence can be applied worldwide.
How Can I Spread Awareness Of The Restructuration?
The easiest way to help us is by promoting the Restructuration on social media or in person. Share our ideas and get a conversation started with friends and family! If you work in the media, mention us! We need people to debate the Restructuration, to evaluate it and criticize it. We’re far from perfect and it’s important for others to tell us how we can improve.
Remember: the voice of the Restructuration is you.